Delivering Outstanding Customer Care for Floors

Delivering Outstanding Customer Care for Floors

Our Customer Care Team here at New Homes Flooring are always super busy getting involved in lots of different Customer Care projects and are continuously doing their utmost to go above and beyond for all our customers.

Our aim is to ensure every homeowner is a happy homeowner 😊


What does our Customer Care Team do?

Not only do we manage and take care of all aftercare services for any installations that have been completed by New Homes Flooring, but we also assist, help & support lots of builders with any flooring issues that they may have that have been fitted by other flooring contractors.

It is expected that new builds experience something called ‘settlement’ (movement).

Settlement – Definition

It is caused by the ground compacting beneath the building – some movement occurs as the ground adjusts to accommodate the new load. Also, adjustments can occur as different construction materials settle down with different shrinkage rates.

Every customer that moves into a new build property has a 2-year warranty, which means that our trained customer care team can respond to any issues that they may experience due to settlement quickly and efficiently.


Different types of problems you may face with a new build

  • Has your sealant around the edge of the room begun to split?

-Is your flooring slightly lifting? Just around the edges or is it more? Maybe you have had a leak?

  • Have the gaps between your LVT flooring expanded?

-Each flooring tile contracts and expands as it reacts to the different conditions inside the home such as the humidity and heat levels. Small gaps are normal and acceptable within the NHBC tolerances – don’t worry we will come and inspect your floors for you!

  • Do you have ridges in your flooring on the ground floor?

-Is there something going on underneath the flooring? Has the screed dropped creating a low spot and a high spot? We will investigate!

  • Has your carpet started to wrinkle? Has it come away from the wall?

-This could be settlement or perhaps a manufacturing fault with the flooring. What sort of furniture do you have in the room? Furniture such as office chairs should always be kept on a plastic mat because otherwise the backward and forwards motion of the chair can cause the carpet to wrinkle and lift.


 Not New Homes Flooring workmanship?

Our customer care team are currently working with a variety of different house builders including St Modwen Homes, Cala Homes & Crest Nicholson to support and assist them with Customer Care issues that are not New Homes Flooring workmanship.

Recently our Customer Care Co-Ordinator, Nicole, attended three customers at Cala Homes site, Ockford Park, to carry out a full inspection at their request. We have now provided Cala Homes with a factual, photographic report to assist them in resolving the issues they have, resulting in happy and content customers.

One of our fitting teams recently helped Crest Nicholson with two, bathroom floor full replacements caused by an active leak from the shower.

We have also been offering support because of floor level issues, latex issues, fitting errors, damage – and lots more!

 Our Customer Care promise to you ….

We WILL attend and inspect your flooring issues within 28 days of an issue being raised

We WILL always communicate with you if there are any delay or sickness and reschedule any missed appointments within 2 working days

We WILL provide a full report of the result of our inspection to the house builder

We WILL recommend the best solution for the job

With the approval of the house builder, we WILL carry out all rectification works that are required – ensuring you are happy with the result before we close the job

With thanks,

The New Homes Flooring Customer Care Team