Environmental Policy

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY BS ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System New Homes Flooring Ltd strives to prevent pollution and protect the environment by complying with relevant industrial regulations and laws at all stages of New Homes Flooring Ltd projects, from design, through to transport, storage, installation and disposal. New Homes Flooring Ltd review and implement policies and procedures on an ongoing basis as we are committed to having a positive impact on the environment. We recognise our responsibility to ensure our operations contribute towards environmental sustainability. WE WILL: • Provide a company framework for the setting of environmental objectives and targets • Monitor progress against the set objectives and targets and communicate this to all employees • Minimise energy use and air pollution by efficient maintenance of vehicles and equipment • Reduce the use of paper by adopting electronic record keeping where viable • Purchase from local suppliers where feasibly possible to reduce the transport requirements of acquiring company required stock of any sort • Reduce waste through operating well managed programmes on all projects in order to achieve a right first time project approach • Promote vehicle sharing where practically possible for all journeys • We use low energy lighting and energy saving electronic equipment used throughout the daily running of the business • Actively promote recycling both internally and externally to all customers • WE HAVE A ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL POLICY • New Homes Flooring Ltd actively participates in ‘waste-to-energy’ disposal as a minimum, physically recycling at our own recycle centre. • Ensuring all waste is disposed of by licensed carriers through to the anticipated destination • Communicate with local businesses to assist with improving their environmental policies and management WE AIM TO: • Improve our environmental performance by ensuring our Environmental Management System is appropriate to the nature, scale and impacts of our activities • Promote best practice by providing information, instruction, supervision and training • Increasing awareness and encouraging development of new ideas and initiatives amongst all employees • Ensuring legal compliance is achieved