Types of Carpet

Soft Deep Pile: Cosy, Luxurious, & soft to the touch

Fitting a deep, soft pile carpet in your home is a great way to add a touch of luxury. The effect of deeper pile carpets is achieved by allowing a longer pile height during the manufacturing process. 

Soft, deep pile carpets are often popular for bedrooms as they have a silky, sensuous feel – great for sinking your feet into on a cold, wintery morning.

Easy Clean Twist: Stain resistant, pet & family friendly

Twist pile carpets can be made using wool or synthetic yarns, or sometimes a combination of the two. Wool Twist carpets are usually produced using a blend of 80% Wool with 10% Polyester, called ‘Tuftbond’. This melt polyester adds strength to the wool yarn and improves wear and appearance over time.

Loop Pile: Naturally textured and resilient with a quality feel.

Loop pile carpets are made from uncut “loops” of yarn.

Variations include a rustic tweed style loop known as a ‘berber’ or flecked, which uses yarn with contrasting ‘slubs’. Loop pile carpets are great throughout the house and naturally hide the footprints or traffic marks that you can see after use with cut pile carpet.